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Driver's Education Course

Motor Cycle Basic CourseFee 845+GST

This includes 15 hrs of classroom instruction and 10 hrs driving. The students can complete the driving portion before or after the classroom. Upon successful completion of the program, the student receives a certificate from the school, which is recognized by all insurance companies for discount. The completion of this course entitles a new driver to receive the insurance rating of a driver with three year collision free driving record.

Please click on "SCHEDULE" to get the 2017 available classroom dates. A deposit of $220 is require to hold a spot and remaining is due on the first day of the driving lesson. Please click on "REGISTER NOW" to book online and we will contact you to get the deposit over the phone.

Classroom Portion

The classroom portion of the course will be covered over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday at the Holy Trinity Catholic high school from 9am-4:30pm every month. The class students will be provided with the student guides and pens.

Power point presentation cover the basic driver's hand book, vehicle critical system, driving rules and skills, sharing the road with others, defensive driving skills, manoeuvres, alcohol and drug factors, collision avoidance, and insurance coverage.

Driving Portion

For IN CAR lessons, we pick up and drop off the student anywhere within the corporate limits of Fort McMurray. These lessons are scheduled depending on students schedule and schools availability and are split into five, 2 hour lessons.

After taking the 10 hours or prior to the last 2 hours of in-car, the student, if ready, may wish to go for the road test. Our school offers a free mock test and will prepare the student for the road test! Students may rent the car for the road test from our school for $76 +GST.

10 Hours driving entails numerous lessons in circle check/walk around, safe entry/exit, demo drive by instructor, basic habits, visual lead time(search/scan), curb judgement(using mirror and blind spot demonstrations), residential driving such as right of way judgements, right turns and left turns, mechanical check of the vehicle, entering traffic flow, lane changing, turning at lights, point of no return, traffic round about, covering the brake, parallel parking, merging, planning ahead, and much more. Passing mark for the road training is 75%.