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Motor Cycle Basic CourseTWO DAY COURSE: (8:59am-5:00pm, on bike entire time)

For those with little or no experience riding motorcycles, The Basic Course is the perfect place to start. Even people returning to the sport after a long absence will find the Basic Motorcycle Course a useful refresher. We provide motorcycles, gloves and helmets for no extra charge. Test Preps for Alumni. The On-bike training location is the parking lot of Casman Centre.

(Fee $667) $200 deposit and $500 before the course. Please click on "Register now" to book.


The first section is concerned with the absolute basics: getting on and off the bike, pushing, parking, starting up and shutting down. This is followed by moving off and stopping, slow-speed riding and shifting up and down.

The second section consists of exercises which make up the foundation of operating a motorcycle; students learn techniques needed to execute manoeuvres at low and intermediate speeds. Emphasis is placed on smooth machine control.


The third section employs training similar to the police and EMS, we use this same technique to help with bike control in emergencies and the decision-making process needed in these situations. Students are taught collision avoidance, controlled optimum braking and controlled braking during this section and are also given time to practice and reinforce these skills.

The fourth section is road ride. Students who are deemed by our instructors to be ready for the road take part in this section which takes them on a controlled group ride with our instructors. Ride lengths and durations are dependent on the students in the group and their skill levels. The ride tries to cover all types of conditions beginning with slower, low-traffic residential routes and working up to major roads.

Successful completion of this Course qualifies for insurance discounts.


The Alberta government has made changes to the testing process throughout Alberta as of March 1st, 2019. Offsite testing is no longer available. You are now required to book through the government at https://eservices.alberta.ca/book-a-drivers-road-test.html. Please voice your concerns at driverexaminations@gov.ab.ca or 780-427-8230 if there is no availability

Fort Auto will rent bikes to students for the test at all registries in Fort McMurray for $100.  We also offer one hour Test prep session right before the test if needed.


      . Valid Alberta Class 5 GDL or above equivalent.
      . You do not need Class 6 knowledge test completion before the Course.
      . At least 16 years of age.
      . Proficient balance on a two wheel non-stationary pedal bike.