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Motor Cycle Basic CourseTWO DAY COURSE:

LEARN TO RIDE. It will be YOUR best decision ever!

For those with little or no experience riding motorcycles, The Basic Course is the perfect place to start. Even people returning to the sport after a long absence will find the Basic Motorcycle Course a useful refresher. 9:00-5:00 on bike entire time.


To begin, our first section of the course is focused on the absolute basics: getting on and off the bike, pushing the bike,  parking it, starting up and shifting down the engine. Following this we cover moving off and stopping, slow-speed riding and shifting up and down.

Our second section is done using exercises which make up the foundation of operating a motorcycle. You will learn techniques needed to maneuver the bike at slow and intermediate speeds with an emphasis on smooth machine control.

The third section is similar to police and EMS training where we use this same techniques to help with bike control in emergencies and the decision-making process needed in these situations. You are taught collision avoidance, controlled optimum braking and trail braking during this section and are given time to practice and reinforce those skills.

If you are deemed ready by our instructors, you will take part in our fourth section which takes you on a controlled group ride with your classmates and instructors. The duration of the ride will be dependent on the groups' skill levels. The ride tries to cover all types of conditions beginning with slow, low-traffic residential routes and works up to major roads. The On-bike training location is the parking lot of CentreFire Place.

Successful completion of this Course qualifies for insurance discounts.


There has been the question of training schools doing the tests or testing at training school locations since its now back to privatized.  Privatization this time around has yet to include offsite testing. So until that is changed you will be tested from a registry location.

We will book your road test for Wednesday or Friday at the end of your course and you will have some time to practice before your road test.  Class 6 knowledge test is required to do a road test however knowledge test completion is not required to attend the course.


All courses run rain or shine. Please dress for the weather!


      . Valid Alberta Class 5 GDL or above equivalent
      . At least 16 years of age, parental waiver required if under aged
      . Proficient balance on a two wheel non-stationary pedal bike

Gear: helmet, riding gloves, we do have few riding jackets
Bikes: you get the opportunity to try up to 5 different ones


700 dollars. ($200 deposit, $500 due on the first day of the course)
148 dollars. Class 6 government road test fee
100 dollars. Motorcycle road test rental (if needed)


14 full days before course   $100

Within 14 days of course     $200


14 full days before course   No charge

Within 10 days of course    $100
Within 3 days of course      $200

No refund will be issued once a student's course has commenced under any circumstances. We understand that some emergencies make that impossible and may make allowance in such cases to help you finish the course when your schedule allows. By signing up for the course, you are in agreement with the cancellation policy.