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Training Bikes

We have added two 2018 Honda Rabel 300, one 2018 CB 300 and one 2018 CBR 300 in our fleet.

At Fort Auto, we want you to have the opportunity to learn and try out a variety of bikes. This allow you to be able to experience different styles so that you have a better idea of what style suits you as well as allow an easier transition through familiarity. All that aside, its fun to try a bunch and we love fun!


Suzuki TU250X :: 250cc

This bike is a lot of fun to ride.When it comes to a down and basic,
user-friendly and economical beginners motorcycle, the Suzuki TU250 is the standard.

Kawasaki EX250 Ninja :: 250cc 

These are a class and instructor favorite,

great in every way.
After only five minutes most students don't want to get off.

Yamaha XT :: 250cc

The cool dual, this bike is a lot of fun to ride but a little hard on the butt after a while.










Suzuki GW250

When students first try our big comfy couch, they feel that it is a little heavy. But once they move off, they soon realize that it is very nimble and feels so light. It has been a very welcomed addition to our fleet.

Honda Grom

This cute, little, naked bike is a non intimidating and super fun start to riding. Definitely the favorite since it's joined the fleet.